10 Christmas Marketing Concepts to Increase Sales: Part One


1. Use Christmas website design inspiration to spruce up your store

It’s not just humans that can benefit from a little holiday happiness. Your online store can also perform better as a result of an injection of Christmas cheer.

Increase sales by spreading a festive atmosphere across your online store. A Christmas landing page and blog design can help you to justify your Christmas marketing concepts from the start.

The primary objective of your Christmas marketing initiatives should be to attract customers’ attention.

Some Christmas-style changes you may wish to consider are as follows:

  • Change to a festive hero image. You can find affordable downloads on sites like Canva, Freepik, or Pixabay.
  • Introduce a Christmas slider.
  • Scatter Christmas imagery throughout your site; for example, Christmas trees, lights, hot cocoa, Father Christmas, snowmen, etc.
  • Try changing the background of your website and combining distinct festive patterns and templates that match your colour scheme.
  • Add holiday touches to your navigation, forms, buttons, footer, sidebars, and social media symbols.
  • Create a holiday logo for yourself. It may be a seasonal thing. Just a small revision. Consider including a Santa hat, bells, etc.
  • To introduce the concept of the impending holiday, use a Christmas countdown timer widget. Curiosity-sparking devices like the timer are crucial. To draw in and instil a sense of scarcity in the minds of your viewers, including a countdown for the Last-minute Christmas sale on your website. Customers will be compelled to buy the things featured in the countdown due to the timer’s ability to create a sense of urgency in them.
  • Showcase your holiday deals: Your Christmas eCommerce deals should be distinct and appealing. It’s a wise decision to display specials on your main page. Your unique Christmas deals ought to be the first thing that users notice.
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2. Use Holiday Keywords Combined with Christmas Keywords to Yield Top SERP Results

Search keywords like “Christmas sale internet shopping” are very common at this time of year. As Christmas shopping has already begun online, you cannot afford to squander time. Keywords are crucial if you want to increase sales over the Christmas season.

It’s your responsibility to compile a list of potential clients and learn about the items they are interested in, their hobbies, and the search terms they use. There is a number of SEO tools available that can be useful, including Uber Suggest, Ahrefs, and SemRush.

The same list of Christmas keywords will be useful to you when you put together a gift guide or run a campaign for Christmas ads to reach the proper demographic.

3. Research Your Favourite Christmas Marketing Campaigns

We all recognize the value of email marketing and the necessity of incorporating it into our holiday marketing campaigns.

eCommerce companies have started to increase their spending on email marketing. By 2025, it’s anticipated that there will be more than 376.4 billion emails sent every day globally. Additionally, these Christmas emails that are delivered around the holidays have a high degree of adaptability.

What should you do this Christmas, then?

  • Prepare your workflow for the Christmas email campaign: Make sure your full email campaign is ready at least one month before the start of your Christmas eCommerce sale. The funnel may consist of the following Christmas email formats:
    • Emails congratulating new clients who made their first Christmas purchase
    • Emails sharing details of product promotions
    • Emails with positive holiday wishes
    • Review emails following Christmas sales to ensure customer satisfaction (customer service)
    • Emails about goods that are similar to the ones the customers have just purchased
    • Subscription emails for blogs
  • Segment your audience: You must carry out client segmentation before sending Christmas emails. The audience is essentially split into three groups: Inactive clients, loyal customers, and leads. For the purpose of raising your Christmas eCommerce sales, you must plan Christmas email content for each consumer phase.
  • Send emails at the right time: You will need to identify the best time to send emails that boost conversion rates.

Note: To minimize the last-minute rush, you should prepare all email content at least one week before the Christmas sale.

4. Issue a Christmas Bulletin

No need to worry if you don’t routinely distribute newsletters. You can quickly include newsletters on your list of workable Christmas marketing strategies.

Giving your clients a heartfelt welcome via an elegant e-card is a wonderful approach to demonstrate that they are valuable to you.

  • Include unique Christmas promotions, freebies, and competitions.
  • Short and uncomplicated is best.
  • Ensure the design is mobile-friendly and includes your logo
  • Include a compelling Christmas topic line.
  • Ensure CTA buttons are clear and visible.
  • Mention the duration of the holiday sale
  • Provide information on free shipping and specific arrival dates.
  • Send gift certificates
  • Include a holiday discount code for loyal customers.
  • Share gift suggestions for Christmas
  • Offer optional gift-wrapping
  • Market limited-edition goods
  • Share details of Christmas giveaways
  • Mention the impending New Year’s Sale.
  • Consider using emoticons and animated media such as gifs.
  • Share ideas for last-minute gifts.
  • Give early bird discounts

The Christmas email campaign can be split into three segments. Make a sensible choice and decide when to send emails based on your business and preparation style.

One of the biggest chances for businesses to dramatically increase their eCommerce sales rates is during the Christmas shopping week. To boost client retention and profit, retarget your current customers.

5. Offer Amazing Christmas Deals

Choose the merchandise and the discounts you wish to offer this Christmas on your online business. Christmas offers are in high demand, so make your choice accordingly. Make it worthwhile for people to visit your store throughout the Christmas season.

6. Create Christmas Gift Guides and Product Gift Bundles

Content consistently serves as the foundation for enduring growth. Running an online store is not a simple task. Your consumers will be happy enough with the items they choose during this Christmas sale if you provide gift tips. There are so many bewildered customers who make last-minute purchases. Gift recommendations and bundles perform well in that situation.

7. Motivate Your Marketing Crew

eCommerce companies have a particularly good chance to significantly raise their ROI during the Christmas season. You must, therefore, keep your marketing team active.

Encourage your marketing team to work harder, especially in light of the pandemic. Give them a sense of respect and drive to boost their Christmas marketing campaign efforts by ensuring their safety and hard work.

9. Run PPC Holiday Ad Campaigns

Christmas shopping advertisements come in second behind all other Christmas marketing strategies. Welcome to the world of Google AdWords, where rankings, keyword placement, Pay Per Click (PPC), and online advertisements drive the majority of traffic to your website.

A quick and effective strategy to outperform your online rivals is to incorporate PPC and Ad campaigns into your holiday eCommerce ideas.

Online marketers must run PPC and other ad campaigns on Google and social media to increase their revenue. But if you are not employing the right keywords and making the appropriate bids, you will fall behind over Christmas.

Begin with keyword research to identify the most pertinent terms for your business activity, then optimise your content to include these keywords. Your chances of ranking first in Google’s SERPs may rise as a result.

10. Use Customized Wrapping

Wrapping can be crucial for physical gifts at Christmas. Selling products with Christmas-themed packaging is a terrific Christmas marketing strategy.

Gaining the trust of your customers and persuading them to purchase your product will be easier if you create packaging that clearly expresses your brand concept.

It’s important to remember that the holiday season is also the busiest time of year for unboxing. After all, receiving presents is the point of the holiday season! You want to design something that your customer can deliver to the receiver without any help from you. You also should aspire to create something that leaves a lasting impression.


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